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Born in Italy and experienced traveller, expert in sustainability and environment, lover of nature, traveller, amateur photographer and passionate about food and cooking. This is me and I have very clear ideas about the fact that a traveller should be a good tourist and specifically:

  • an explorer who supports and does not destroy the places he discovers,
  • a person who respects different cultures,
  • a light-footed walker, who leaves what he finds in the best possible condition for those who will come after him.

If you are looking for someone to accompany you hunting wildlife, you’ve ended up in the wrong place!

But if you want to:

  • taste quality salmon or fish smoked naturally and not chemically,
  • taste a whisky produced according to the ancient Scottish tradition with care and passion, from the first barley sprout to the last drop of distillate, focusing on quality instead of quantity,
  • experience a local festival with the local population, avoiding the usual bagpipes that play for mass tourism in August,
  • discover all about local plants, fossils, minerals and incredible rock formations of which few know the value or even the existence,
  • discover deserted beaches and pristine landscapes and be alone instead of being surrounded by thousands of queuing people,
  • take a picture that only you can take at that time in that place without having to peek over the shoulders of other people,
  • buy a unique souvenir to take home, produced with skills practiced in Scotland and not made in China,
  • visit a local market and discover the secrets of niche farming, which does not use pesticides and hormones but only passion and a lot of patience …

…Well, then I really am the guide for you!

My experience is such that depending on the time of year and the extent of the tour I can offer each customer a unique experience, different and unrepeatable!

“Per offrire una esperienza personalizzata e non industrializzata di vacanza”

Diana Maria Zilioli • Founder


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