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The name My Scotland comes from a boundless passion for Scotland, a country rich in history and culture that, although extremely accessible to anyone in many parts, it’s still unknown and exclusive to many. “My” in Italian is translated as “Mia”, which is also the name of my daughter, half Scottish and half Italian, the main reason why I decided to move to this country and temporarily leave my beloved Italy.

The animal that appears in the My Scotland ‘s logo is an otter, the most precious mammal of this part of the planet, incredibly shy and intelligent, that here in Scotland can be observed in its natural environment, with a little luck and a good guide. The otter, protagonist of the book “The Ring of Bright Waters” by Gavin Maxwell, author and Scottish naturalist of the early 20th century, is the one who pushed me on my first adventure in this magnificent country. The ear it bears in its mouth is of barley, a fundamental ingredient of whisky, and one of the many delicious products of Scotland.